Gothic Girl | Art Magazine | Relaunch

At the beginning of 2017 June I wrote about how the relaunch of Gothic Girl Art Magazine had gotten away from me.


For any creative project, it takes me a minimum of 6 weeks to go from concept to completion.  This was also the case for the relaunch of our magazine.  Conceptually, we knew that we wanted to start moving our

Gothic Girl Art Magazine | 2017 July
Concept & Photography | Tom Libertiny
Model | Hannah Eadeh
Costume | Andrew Martina
MUHA | Charlee HM
MUHA assistant | Adam Hynes

magazine toward a more avant garde look and feel.  But where should we start?  Five revisions later and our conceptual lookbook was completed with the help of Andrew “AJ” Martina, my friend and costume designer extraordinaire.

And then our plan started to come undone.  A few weeks prior to our shoot, both my father and AJ’s dear friend’s sister unexpectedly passed away.  All I can say:  you can never be ready for something like this.

AJ and I took some time off with the comfort of knowing that we had worked on many projects together and we would still make this one successful.

Then a bit more than a week before our shoot: our model dropped out.  And early in the morning of the shoot, our MUA (Makeup Artist) dropped out due to illness.


This is when I was reminded how important long-term relationships are and the importance of working with the best people.

Despite the adversity that AJ faced, he created another one of his amazing costumes for our shoot.

Robere Lett, editor of Haute Magazine and another long-term friend, connected us with model Hannah Eadeh.

Earlier in our project planning, he had connected us with hair stylist Charlee HM for our shoot.  When our original MUA dropped out at 7:00am on the morning of our shoot, a quick phone call with Charlee was all it took for her to put together the team required to do both Hair and Makeup.  Remarkable.


Some people say “never mix business with friends.”  I couldn’t disagree more.  Certainly it was AJ’s and Robere’s artistic skills that first introduced me to who they are as people.  But the combination of their skills and their friendship have led us to work together on many projects.  And there’s much more on the way.

Thanks to Robere’s introduction to Charlee and her artistic skills and “let’s get it done” attitude, she’s another person who I immediately call when I have new work or am working on a concept.  We’ve literally worked on two projects together in the last two weeks, with more to come in the near future.

The relaunch of Gothic Girl Art Magazine wasn’t easy to begin with and almost didn’t work.  Thanks to a team of amazing artists and friends, it did work.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.