• ANKH | Civil Rights on a Human Scale

    ANKH is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic ideograph meaning Life. In the context of this project, it's the story about Civil Rights on a Human Scale as told through the eyes of two friends. The ...

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    ANKH | Civil Rights on a Human Scale
  • Discover Your Ideal Client | Part 1

    Discover Your Ideal Client | Lessons I've Learned Our two goals: Working with people and organizations that you enjoy working with. Efficiently generating more revenue as measured by the acid ...

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    Discover Your Ideal Client | Part 1
  • Creating Movies with AI

    While we're not quite to the point when Alexa can create movies in real time for us, artists in the AI (artificial intelligence) community have been creating movies with AI tools. And by the end of ...

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    Creating Movies with AI
  • Null Paradox Victoria

    The concept for Victoria & Seth, the second book and third music album in the Null Paradox steampunk multiverse, is about the character's sometimes serene, sometimes tumultuous relationship. A ...

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    Null Paradox Victoria


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