• Silent Night | Christmas Music

    Just in time for Christmas! Silent Night by Underground Aces. Available from Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, and TikTok. Here’s the video of our song with lyrics. Underground ...

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    Silent Night | Christmas Music
  • Funk Music | Back to my Music Roots

    Funk music meets Classical music. Sounds bizarre, but those were the two genres that I fell in love with as a little kid. Classical music was always playing in our home because of my parent's love ...

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    Funk Music  |  Back to my Music Roots
  • Dolby Atmos for Music | Love at First Hear

    If you're a movie fan, you've probably heard of Dolby Atmos. But what about Dolby Atmos for music? I've experimented with Atmos as a listener, music writer, and mixer for months. Bottom line: It's ...

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    Dolby Atmos for Music  |  Love at First Hear
  • Concept Photography | What is it?

    Concept Photography--part of Concept Art. Ask ten artists what Concept Art encompasses, and you'll receive ten different answers. Let's assume that Marcel Duchamp was one of the early concept ...

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    Concept Photography | What is it?


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