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Winter | Holiday

It’s a cold winters day.  The perfect time to take a look back on a year.  More importantly, it’s time to look forward to next year with family and friends.  Happy New Year!  

Gothic Girl Art Magazine

New Gardening Magazine

Following our 4,500 mile road trip from Detroit to Mukuntuweap National Monument in Utah, Susan and I had decided:  it was time to combine our love for gardens, art, and travel into a new magazine. Our conversation had started during the shoot for the 2017 October issue of Gothic Girl Art Magazine, which is set in Susan’s…

Lake Leelanau Photography by Tom Libertiny


Fire your bombs, blast them into the hot night Death’s a brief transition, gruesome he’d say; Dissolve your fears, in the misty dawn’s light   Long years he schemed, a learned man sans delight Before living for two taught him the way Fire your bombs, blast them into the hot night Noble beginnings, his story…

Steel | Movie | Henry Ford Estate

Back in 2016 September I started research for Steel (working title), a movie that Betty Riggs and I have teamed up to write.  It’s a movie set in the early 1900’s during the technology revolution that lead to affordable automobiles. Henry Ford is one of the key characters in anything related to automobiles and the steel industry.  To…

Minimalism | Hawaiian Home

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” | Leonardo da Vinci I started my Minimalism project at the beginning of 2017.  As my travels spiral outward from Detroit, here’s a series from my recent trip to Hawaiian House in Marshall Michigan.  Click HERE for more Minimalism.

Down by the River Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve, Southfield, Michigan Photography | Tom Libertiny

Off Planet | Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve

Sometimes inspiration is literally down the road. Jupiter’s Oil Slick There’s a small nature preserve next to a busy road that we’ve driven on thousands of times.  One sunny afternoon we seemed very far from the reality of the city. Within the preserve sits a hidden dam that creates Carpenter Lake in Southfield, Michigan.  It’s about 20…


Steel | Movie | Out of Place

Work on writing our movie Steel (working title) is continuing.  The script is coming along with my writing and directing partner, Betty Riggs.  It’s a movie set in the early 1900’s during the technology revolution that lead to affordable automobiles and all of the changes and upheavals to society that ensued. And it’s similar to what will likely…

Cool Religious Jewelry

Photoshoot | Behind-the-Scenes

A great team and six weeks of planning lead to success for the Cool Religious Jewelry Fall/Winter jewelry line.  Here’s the Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) video. Photography & video | Tom Libertiny Model | Shelbie Kramer Hair and MUA | Brandie Brancheau Wardrobe | Andrew Martina Music | Null Paradox