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Effective Meetings

We’ve all attended meetings where a group of people sit around a table and simply read a play-by-play of what they’ve accomplished or hope to accomplish in a certain period of time. This is not an effective meeting. There are plenty of platforms that allow for project tracking.  Project Management software is very reasonably priced.…

Water Photography by Tom Libertiny

Swimming | Treading Water

We’ve all had those days:  too much to do. Instead of taking a step forward, it’s easier to tread water.  Or go hide from the world.  The vast majority of the time, this is a temporary affliction and we generally figure out the next step forward.  Or circumstance kicks us forward whether we want to…

5 Things Your Website Must Include

For a vibrant website, one that has helpful content for your customers and is easily indexed (Search Engine Optimized–SEO), it must include these 5 items:   Designed to be Mobile Friendly This means that your customers and potential customers can easily view and use your website on smartphones and tablets with any type of browser or…

Purpose of a Video Interview?

“The interview itself is the purpose of the work [not the story].” | Dave Isay. Do you agree?  Join our conversation on Facebook, click HERE. Ask the big life questions. Pour your attention into the interview. Be an active participant in the conversation. Remember it’s not the “story” that matters. Say thank you.