Storyteller focused on asking big questions and shaping them into a human experience

Tom Libertiny

Fast Facts

Authorcomposerdirectorentrepreneur, engineer

Loves the combination of art, science, and business

Multi instrumentalist  |  piano, guitar, bass, ‘cello

MBA  |  Specializing in International Finance and Marketing

BS Mechanical Engineering  |  Specializing in the combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science

Big time introvert  |  INTJ

Sense of humor as dry as desert sand

Minimalist  |  Starts off throwing the kitchen sink at a project and then deletes everything that doesn’t advance the story

Given the choice of seeing, hearing, or reading, my choice is  |  “Yes”

First generation to be born in the USA  |  My family is from Europe and Asia

Florida native who loves living near the water or out in the boondocks  |  Only partially explains living in Miami, Chicago, New York, and Detroit

Here’s what I’m doing Now


This is a representation of my biography in 11 dimensional space. Yes, I’m a physics geek.