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Back in 2015 I launched a magazine with some friends to look at the genre of Steampunk from an avant garde perspective–particularly from the unorthodox niche encompassed in the phrase avant garde.

Steampunk Art Magazine

Steampunk Art Magazine | 2017 September
Concept & Photography | Tom Libertiny
Model | Stefanie Kwiatkowski
Costume | Andrew Martina
MUHA | Charlee HM
Assistant MUHA | Tracy Noe
Manicurist | Tiffany E. Smith

And then I did nothing with what became Steampunk Art Magazine for two years.  During that time, all my efforts in the Steampunk genre were focused on Null Paradox, my interactive rock opera.

What I gained during that time was a better understanding of the genre as it’s viewed in North America, Europe, and Asia.  And with that knowledge, I hope to bring a truly unorthodox viewpoint to Steampunk.

Traditionalist could very well scorn me not following the vision of K.W. Jeter and those who came after him with their Jules Vern meets Victorian feel.  But, the notion of Steampunk started in the 1980’s and was then backdated to the Victorian era, so I’m not concerned about starting a parallel universe of Steampunk.

Don’t misunderstand me; I love what’s now known as traditional Steampunk.  But others have taken Steampunk and turned it into Dieselpunk and Cyberpunk, so why not create a new parallelism?

I don’t have a name for what we’re creating yet, but I do have a great team to work with.  I originally met part of our team when we first launched Steampunk Art Magazine.  Artists including Andrew “AJ” Martina who is fearless in his repurposing of materials into amazing fashion.  Robere Lett who has been with our team from the beginning helping us to find talent.  And new friends including Charlee HM (MUHA) who is similarly fearless in her use of a variety of artistic techniques and experimentation to bring together a particular look.

It was Robere who introduced me to Charlee.  And in turn, she introduced our team to Tracy Noe (Assistant MUHA) as well as Tiffany E. Smith (Manicurist).  Robere was also the one who recommended that we work with model Stefanie Kwiatkowski.  I give Stefanie a lot of credit for maintaining her good cheer during this long hair, makeup, costume, and photoshoot.

Without our team, our jump to something new in Steampunk wouldn’t have been possible.

So, what would H.R. Giger’s version of Steampunk feel like?  Here’s what we believe.