Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? | Results

Being an entrepreneur is a dream that many of us have.  Back in the beginning of March I started a survey to find out what your thoughts were about starting your own business.  I’ve posted the results in this article in 4 visuals that tell your story.

A Few Words About What You Said

Age isn’t particularly important.  Up until the age of 71, at least 40% of women are interested in being an entrepreneur with the peak age range being age 41 to 50.  The results are similar for men with the exception that the peak age range is between 51 to 60.  Essentially, women think about being an entrepreneur earlier than men.

Where you live in the United States is important.  Regions including Mountain (Example:  Colorado), South Atlantic (Example: Florida), and West South Central (Example:  Oklahoma) are hot spots for people who want to be entrepreneurs.

How much money you currently earn isn’t important.  There used to be this notion that you either have to be very poor or very wealthy to succeed.  You’ve told us that none of that matters now.

Next Steps
  • In a future article I’ll compare these results to what I’ve discovered while teaching entrepreneurs how to be successful, my work in the finance world (venture capital), as well as my own personal experience as a serial entrepreneur.
  • What you need to know before you start
  • Business plans
  • How financing a business has changed for the better
  • Wanting to be an entrepreneur vs. being an entrepreneur