Addiction Movie | Woody Allen method

“Which leads us to a new short film we’ve just completed shooting called Addiction…”

Those were some of the words that I wrote back on 2017 March 3.

Seth Null Paradox Illustration by Ana Cruz

Concept art for Seth
Null Paradox
Illustration by Ana Cruz

At the time we did think that we’d completed shooting.  But, after a couple of draft edits of our movie, we learned what Woody Allen learned years ago when he filmed and then re-filmed his movie September:  sometimes you’re not done when you think you are.

After viewing the movie with Betty Riggs (Assistant Director) we decided that we can do even better.

We’re going to re-shoot the first half of our movie.  This involves working on the script, working with our actors, and building sets for several scenes.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but we want to get our story right.