Null Paradox

Null Paradox Update

A lot of new stuff has been happening with Null Paradox, our Interactive Steampunk Rock Opera.

Null Paradox

Null Paradox~Psychological Easing Machine. Illustration by Ana Cruz.

G2, the working title for our second book, is well in the works.  We have 7 story arcs that we’re writing.  Obviously, Gertrude and Grace are back.  Seth and Victoria, the later being alluded to in the first book but never named, have a tumultuous history and play major roles in G2.  The civil war between The Ministry and The Cranks is getting out-of-hand.  And the story arc of Quantum Physics plays a much larger role within the Map Room and the Post Box system.

Meanwhile, we’re working on the arrangements, recording methodology, and recording schedule for the release of our next album with a producer in California.  Can’t wait to announce who he is!

And then in parallel to all that, work on the 2017 tour continues with a focus on re-writes to the script and work on scenery design.  The script features a major change to one of the endings that’s been a lot of fun to write.  And the scenic design includes automation that reacts to the actors.

Null Paradox

Null Paradox~Psychological Easing Machine~ Starting to build the Arduino computer controller.

I’ll share more as our plan comes together.  Meanwhile, there’s more information on the official Null Paradox website.

For me, it’s back to writing!